Why of Oxygence

Isn’t it wonderful to wake up in the morning and be excited about the day ahead?

To realize the sun is shining and see the beauty around you?

Isn’t it amazing to have so much energy that you feel like you are sitting on top of the world?

It took me a long long time to feel like this. Where I came from was a place full of addictions. Whenever I felt sad all I wanted is to pull a blanket over my head and just disappear. Sometimes i couldn’t stop eating bad food, for example tons of chocolate.A low self-esteem would prevent me from achieving my goals in life and my insecurities, well, they didn’t help either.

What I was good at though, was reflection. During my years as a student i came across a few philosophers who changed the way i look at the world around me. Krishnamurti & Spinoza made me realize I have a choice to be happy.

As Spinoza says
"The highest activity a human being can attain is learning for understanding, because to understand is to be free".

A few years ago I came across a book of Ron Garner, and before I realized it I was on a new journey of understanding. It was a book which simply explained how your body and the food you eat not only determines your physical health, but your entire wellbeing. Quick example, never realized, eating till you are full? Only makes you tired and you don’t even absorb all the nutritions.

I came across so many gurus and health theories, I just decided to try them all,and see what would work best for me and my body.

I have eaten only raw food for a month, visited detox retreats with colon cleansing and the whole package, followed the blood type diet and even convinced my husband to join me, fasted several times by only drinking water, did juicing and the list goes on. In the meantime I fell in love with yoga and became a certified yoga teacher.

I loved this lifestyle so much, I felt the urge to find a way to share it, there were so many ideas. I wanted to open a juice bar, start my own yoga center, open a vegan hamburger restaurant. But all these ideas just stayed ideas.

And then, it hit me.

In the past years, whenever I visited retreats, every time something was missing. Something just didn’t feel right. And then I realized because no one ever asked me what I really wanted to gain out of the retreat, I ended up following a program and paying for activities I didn’t really want. How hard could it be to arrange for example a dietitian or a coach to help me achieve my goals. A retreat program should adjust to your needs and not the other way around.

So now, that has become my goal. Offering retreats with attention to every participant. Oxygence, retreats completely customized to your needs. The formula is very simple:

Each retreat consists of no more than 20 participants, who follow a program that combines both personal and group activities. I build this program myself based on all the conversations I have with every single one of you. This way you can be sure to have a wonderful experience and continue your personal journey of well-being.

Oxygence is now coming to Europe, on a gorgeous island in Greece, called Spetses, and you can be part of it.

I understand this is a lot of information. When you want to find out if the Oxygence formula works for you, feel free to chat or Skype with me.

I am also still looking for masseuses, yoga teachers and a life coach, so if you know someone who is ready to participate in inspiring customized retreat programs, let me know!

I would love to learn more about you and hopefully we will see each other this year, in September/October, in Greece!

Love Emily
About Oxygence

About Us

Whether you are looking for a retreat to detox, lose weight or just relax. Oxygence builds a program which completely adjusts to your idea of a perfect retreat.


We are powered by a team of certified experts that include masseuses, life and sport coaches, beauticians, tour guides and yoga instructors.


The Orloff resort has a reputation founded from both excellent standards and the vision in the minds and hearts of its creators.

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If you are looking for a place to escape the hecticness of your current life, Spetses, Greece is the ideal place for you. Spetses is a small, remote island located in the Mediterranean Sea. Spetses is filled with opulent and traditionally styled buildings that embody the overall luxurious feeling that you will receive during your retreat. The island offers a great cultural experience due to the deeply rooted Greek culture of the locals and magnificent foods offered.

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